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The BR 24 bench top homogenizer is ideal for demanding laboratories seeking the unmatched reliability, power and efficiency of our Bead Ruptor Elite, but are processing few samples at a time.


The BR 24 is built on the same user-centric homogenization platform that consistently delivers rapid throughput and flexibility for up to 24 samples at a time, improving your sample yield without compromising sample integrity.

  • Processing Range: 25 µL to 2.0 mL

  • Power Rating: 100-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

  • Dimensions: W: 15” (38.1 cm), D: 17” (43.2 cm), H: 13” (33.0 cm)

  • Product Weight: 65 lbs. (29 kg)

  • Run Time: 1 sec to 9:59 min

  • Performance Range: 0.8 – 6.5 m/s in increments of 0.15 m/s

  • Number of Cycles: 1-10

  • Programs: 99

  • Warranty: One Year

  • Standards Approval: CE & UKCA Approved

We offer a wide range of accessories like pre-filled tubes for the Bead Ruptor 24. For more information on these, please call us direct at 1-800-776-4431 or 770-421-0058.

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Engineered for Demanding Environments with Mid-Throughput Workflows

Process Samples the Others Can't–In Seconds

Conquer the most challenging samples with the Bead Ruptor 24. Our unmatched G-Forces deliver superior homogenization power while our secure inclined carriage simplifies tough sample processing.


Achieve consistent, precise results with less contamination risk. Unlock science with the Bead Ruptor 24.

Learn how we significantly reduced the required sample preparation time, improving sample throughput for molecular genetic direct identification of the presence of dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds.

Reliable Repeatability–Innovate At Your Pace

Maximize lab productivity with the Bead Ruptor 24, designed for mid-throughput environments. Cut down maintenance and bypass sample heating issues with our advanced programming and durable design, all while handling hundreds of samples each day with ease.

Accelerate sample prep and stay ahead in high-paced research.

Read how we combined the Bead Ruptor Elite™ with the chemagic™ 360 instrument for a robustly reproducible workflow resulting in high qualities and quantities of DNA from bovine liver samples.

Trusted by the World’s Top Labs

Washing University
Mount Sinai

Trusted by the World’s Top Labs

Washing University
Mount Sinai

Power, Consistency, and Versatility.


Consistently Disrupt with the Industry's Only Inclined Carriage.

Featuring our distinctive and user-centric Inclined Carriage, Bead Ruptor 24 is engineered to ensure your samples undergo thorough and consistent disruption, while reducing sample variability.


Elite's unique design optimizes the movement of beads within sample tubes, promoting efficient bead-to-sample interactions, resulting in faster and more thorough sample disruption.


Your samples spend less time undergoing mechanical processing, generating less heat that can be detrimental to samples.


With the BR 24, you get:

  • Preservation of Sample Integrity: Minimized heat generation ensures sensitive biomolecules remain intact and functional.

  • Consistent Results: Efficient sample disruption without the adverse effects of heating ensures reproducible results across batches.

  • Optimized Lab Workflows: Reduced risk of heat-related sample alterations means fewer re-runs and more reliable data in downstream applications.


Increased Yields, Undeniable Integrity

Low mRNA yields can result in incomplete data sets, leading to inaccurate conclusions and repeat experiments. This can drain your resources, time, and potentially precious samples, while delaying processing and research outcomes.

The BR 24 shares the Elite's Inclined Carriage and ensures thorough and consistent sample disruption, often leading to higher mRNA yields critical to the accuracy and reliability of outcomes.

In this example, data indicates a four-fold increase in mRNA yield when using the Bead Ruptor Elite. The mRNA yields ranged from 26 to 99 μg, compared to the 9 - 30 μg achieved through dounce homogenization.


Integrity and Purity

Even with enhanced disruption efficiency, the BR 24 maintains the integrity and purity of the mRNA samples.

As shown, the 260/280 nm ratios demonstrate that mRNA purity remains comparable between our Bead Ruptor 24 bead milling and traditional homogenization techniques, ensuring improved efficiency does not compromise sample quality.


Have Extra Heat-Sensitive Applications?

You can further protect sample integrity with the BR Cryo Cooling Unit — a seamless addition to BR 24 that maintains samples from 4°C to ambient, helping you safeguard heat-sensitive molecules like RNA and proteins.


Our innovative cryo system circulates chilled air (-100°C to -50°C) to dissipate heat, ensuring constant, controlled temperatures for optimal processing.


Silent, Relentless G-Forces and Performance.

Many labs struggle with processing tough samples due to traditional methods or inefficient bead mills, resulting in inconsistent sample processing and lost time.


Designed specifically to handle almost anything you throw at it, the Bead Ruptor 24's drive mechanism delivers nearly the same processing range as Elite, leveraging tube acceleration, displacement, and motor force to deliver a powerful range of impact forces.


Our drive train isn't just powerful – it’s maintenance-free, designed for continuous operation and nearly silent performance. No cool-downs. No interruptions. Just relentless performance.


With the BR 24, you get:

  • Continuous Run Capability: Designed for back-to-back processing, eliminating unnecessary cool downs and wait times between runs.

  • Maintenance-Free: Bid farewell to constant upkeep, and focus on your research.

  • Whisper-Quiet Processing: Experience power without the typical noise associated with traditional disruption methods.


Design, Meet Science.

The Bead Ruptor 24's modern and user-centric design eliminates both front and top-loading challenges.


With our user-centric inclined sample access and interface, we've made every interaction effortless, putting precision and control right at your fingertips.


  • Ergonomic Inclined Design: Specifically crafted to bench height, easing the strain on wrists and improving sample loading efficiency.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Seamlessly create and navigate 99 programmable memory settings with our multilingual interface, ensuring your protocols are a touch away.

  • Safety-First Approach: Integrated lid lock ensures secure operation, preventing unintentional openings during active processing.

  • Optimate™ Sample Prep Software: Tailor-made for quick, easy, and responsive repeatability.

Bead Ruptor 24

Boundlessly Versatile.

Whether you're working with the toughest samples, or a variety of sample sizes, the Bead Ruptor 24 quickly and easily adapts, opening up worlds of possibilities

  • Broadest Sample Compatibility: Accommodates a vast range from the toughest tissues, bone, and teeth to seeds, catering to multiple industries from Life Science to Cosmetics, or from Diagnostics to Environmental.

  • Tube Sizing: The BR 24 is optimized for 2 ml tube sizes.

Consistent Disruption
Unparalleled Yields
Unmatched G-Force
Design, Meet Science
Boundlessly Versatile


“Powerful homogenization in a small footprint. A must-have for every laboratory.” 

Application Area: Trace residue analysis in crop and environmental samples.

"Our Bead Ruptor has been an enormous time saver. Previously sample homogenization of multiple samples could be a bottleneck. Especially if multiple chemists needed to use our traditional homogenizers, which are expensive and take up a lot of bench space. The Bead Ruptor makes quick work of multiple samples at once."


– Steven Perez
   ADPEN Laboratories, Inc.



"Saved a great deal of time"


Application Area: Lyme disease surveillance results from adult ticks.

“We have been using the grinder quite a bit and have saved a great deal of time by using the device as opposed to hand macerating/grinding the samples.” 


– Noor Tietze
   Department of Environmental Health
   Santa Clara County 



“It is easier to use, safer (no solvent splashes), and quieter (no hearing protection required)”

Application Area: Homogenize animal tissues in organic solvents.

"We purchased this product to replace a traditional shearing homogenizer. It is easier to use, safer (no solvent splashes), and quieter (no hearing protection required). It is programmable, ensuring consistent handling of all samples. It processes up to 24 samples simultaneously. It is very powerful. We process most of our samples for two to three cycles at 10 to 15 seconds per cycle."


– Bonne Thompson
   UT Southwestern Med Ctr


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