Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation
  • LH 96 Automated Workstation
  • Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation
  • Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation
  • Omni LH96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation

LH 96 Automated Homogenizer Workstation




General Info

Omni Liquid Handling & Homogenizing Workstation (LH 96)

96 – Sample Automated Homogenizer

The Omni LH 96 is a fully automated liquid handling and homogenizer workstation. The LH 96 has a modular design, small footprint and brushless motors for automated homogenizing. The LH 96 automates liquid handling, pipetting, liquid transfer, weighing, diluting, and sample transfer. The unique Omni LH 96 supports automated liquid handling and homogenization of up to ninety six samples in a single batch in sample tubes ranging from 1.5 mL to 50 mL. With the Omni LH 96 workflow software, custom profiles can be created and deployed in minutes through an interactive GUI for hands-free sample prep of one to ninety six samples. 

Key Features

  • Automated homogenization of up to ninety six samples
  • Liquid Handling of up to four separate liquids
  • Pipetting and liquid transfer
  • Vial transfer
  • Weighing
  • Sample cooling and heating
  • Ultrasonic cleaning bath for stainless steel probes
  • Process 250 µl to 30 mL in 1.5 mL to 50 mL tubes
  • Create custom sample processing profiles in the LH 96 software
  • Unique oscillating motion to ensure complete homogenization
  • Variable speed from 500 – 30,000 rpm
  • Compatible with 5, 7, 10 mm stainless steel generator probes
  • Compatible with 7 mm plastic Omni Tips
  • Optional sonic cleaning bath for automated cleaning of stainless steel probes

Human Like Generator Probe Movement

The Omni LH 96 was designed to provide automated homogenization using the same generator probe movement as a manual handheld homogenizer operated by a laboratory technician. During processing the motor heads are capable of both vertical and horizontal intra-tube movement to maximize sample contact with the generator probes in order to ensure complete homogenization.

Whisper Drive Technology

The Omni LH 96 features Whisper Drive Technology. Equipped with 4 X 40 watt brushless motors the Omni LH 96 is virtually maintenance free and ultra quite during operation. With whisper drive technology the motor holds processing speed to +/- 1% to ensure reproducibility and accuracy across all samples regardless of fluctuations in sample size and viscosity.

Eliminate Cross Contamination
Plastic Probe

The Omni LH 96 is capable of utilizing 7 mm plastic Omni Tip generator probes. Clean Omni Tips are selected for each sample  processing step then ejected between samples to ensure only clean tips are used for each sample thus eliminating cross contamination. Omni Tips remove the tedious task of disassembly and cleaning of stainless steel generator probes. With the ability to have a one use generator probe, Omni Tips are an ideal solution for applications targeted at nucleic acid extraction or for applications where reproducibility is critical.


  • Sample Capacity: 96
  • Liquid Handling: Up to four separate liquids. Liquid addition.
  • Liquid Transfer: 6 channel pipette. 25 µl to 1 mL liquid extraction and addition
  • Weighing: Analytical balance – readability to 1 mg
  • Data logging: Sample weights and barcodes logged
  • Homogenization: 6 channel rotor stator homogenizer
  • Programming: Customizable through Omni LH 96 software
  • Homogenizer Motor Power Rating: 4 X 40 watts
  • Generator Probes: 5 mm, 7 mm, 10 mm stainless or hybrid probes and 7 mm Omni Tip plastic probes
  • Probe Cleaning: Cleaning cycle through ultrasonic bath or ejection of Omni Tips
  • Volume Range: 250 µL to 50 mL
  • Speed: 500 to 30,000 rpm
  • Dimensions: 71.1 x 50.8 x 101 cm
  • Weight: 95 lbs
  • Certification:  CE
  • Warranty: One year
  • Sound Level: < 75 db