Tissue RNA Purification Kit

Tissue RNA Purification Kit - 50 Prep





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General Info

Tissue RNA Purification Kit - 50 Prep

The Omni Tissue RNA Purification Kit contains silica based spin-capture columns and nontoxic reagents. The optimized reagents are designed specifically for RNA extraction from tissues and cultured cells and utilize highly denaturing buffer conditions to inactivate RNase's. After sample lysis, the RNA is purified through spin-column capture in less than 60 minutes. RNA purified using the Omni Tissue RNA Kit is ready for downstream applications such as RT-PCR. Pre-filled bead tubes are rigorously tested to be free of nucleases.

Product Features:

  • Complete RNA purification kit including spin-columns and nontoxic reagents
  • RNA isolation in less than 60 minutes after lysis
  • No organic extractions
  • Suitable for up to 30 mg of tissues or cultured cells

Illustrated Protocol

Tissue RNA

Example Results

Total RNA purified using the Omni Tissue RNA Purification Kit. RNA was extracted from multiple tissue types via cryo-grinding. Purified RNA was analyzed on the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer. Average RNA Integrity Numbers (RIN) was 8.4.

Ordering Information: Unit includes 50 spin-columns, reagents suitable for 50 purifications and instruction guide


  • RNA purity: High quality RNA with A260/A280 > 1.8
  • RNA yield: Up to 100 ug
  • Capacity: Capable of RNA extraction from up to 30 mg of tissue or cultured cells
  • Equipment required: 100% ethanol, water bath or heat block, B-mercaptoethanol, RNase-free filter pipette tips, RNase-Free DNase I (optional)